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September 01, 2023

What’s Going on in the Capitol

More than 60 bills passed through the Missouri General Assembly this year, and after receiving the signature from Missouri Governor Mike Parson, those bills have now become law, effective August 28, 2023. These new laws range across a wide variety of areas, from extending healthcare coverage, covering life-saving exams for Missourians, tax relief for senior citizens, removing financial barriers in the adoption process, simplifying the state’s vehicle sales tax, increasing public safety, and preparing Missouri’s workforce for the future.

Here is a look at some of the new laws:

Expanding Broadband Access

Senate Bill 25 provides federal broadband grants and income tax deductions for broadband grants to Missourians. This is part of the ongoing effort to expand broadband across the state, as the need for high-speed internet access has only continued to grow. We recognize the need for access to high-speed, quality internet these days, as the coronavirus pandemic proved to the world that technology is becoming more and more important in the fields of education, healthcare, and across the business industry. Missouri remains committed to expanding this vital tool to all corners of the state, and with the $1.7 billion in funds from the federal government, we are making the steps to address the lack of high-speed internet and take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity for growth.

Missouri NIL Expanded to High School Athletes

This year, the Missouri Legislature passed updates to the state’s name, image and likeness (NIL) regulations regarding payments for using student athletes in endorsement deals. The major change to the NIL will allow high school students who have signed their letter of intent to attend a public university in Missouri to begin profiting from their endorsement deals while still in high school. This will incentivize some of Missouri’s top-tier talent to stay in the Show-Me State and make Missouri one of the least restrictive NIL environments in the U.S. Mizzou’s football coach, Eli Drinkwitz, said he believes this change will allow the University of Missouri to lead from the front when it comes to the NIL regulations, and keep the state competitive.

Some Missouri athletes have already taken advantage of the NIL. The Imo's Pizza chain formalized NIL sponsorships with Missouri quarterback Brady Cook and wide receiver Luther Burden, while running back Cody Schrader signed NIL deals with Smoothie King and CrossFit Verus.

New State Designations, From Peaches and UFOs to Albert Pujols Day

SB 139 implements a number of state designations, including several new days of recognition in the Show-Me State. As part of this legislative package, the first week of March each year will be recognized with an annual proclamation from the Governor as “Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Week”. Here is a look at some of the other new dates of recognition:

· January: "State Legislator Remembrance Month" in memory of all state legislators who died while in office;

· June 12: "Women Veterans Appreciation Day";

· First Saturday of October: "Breast Cancer Awareness Day";

· Third Saturday of October: "Domestic Violence Awareness Day";

· January 16: "Albert Pujols Day";

· May 3: "Shelley v. Kraemer Day";

· November 23: "K.C. Wolf Day";

· March 19: "Lloyd Gaines Day";

· May: "Asian and Pacific Islander Heritage Month";

· April 16: "Baker Service Appreciation Day".

SB 139 also created new designations for Missouri, such as new titles for roads and bridges. It designates "Major Lee Berra Memorial Highway" in St. Louis County, and also names the portion of a new bridge over the Mississippi River in Perry County as the "Don Welge Memorial Bridge".

It also lists the Hawken rifle as the official state rifle, adds Perry County to the region designated as the "German Heritage Corridor of Missouri", and labels city of Piedmont and Wayne County as the "UFO Capitals of Missouri". In addition, the Missouri Legislature also passed SCR 8, which designates Campbell, Missouri, as the peach capital of the state.Taking Care of YOU

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