Dade County Salary Commission Meets

November 13, 2023

Dade County Salary Commission Meets November 6, 2023 by Bob Jackson

Per Missouri statutes, the Dade County Salary Commission composed of all Dade County elected officials met in the Dade County Circuit Court Room to set salaries for 2024. Present were Eastern Commissioner Brian White, Western Commissioner Jake O’Connor, Presiding Commissioner Kim Kinder, Treasurer Susan Crouch, Assessor Annette McGuire, County Clerk Melinda Wright, Recorder Carolyn Kile, Prosecuting Attorney Marci Greenwade (named chairperson), Collector Rod O’Connor, Public Administrator Christy Welch, and Sheriff Max Huffman. All are Republican.

Assessor McGuire reported that Assessed Valuation in Dade County in Dade County for 2023 was $161,683,395 up from 2022. Per Missouri law, with the increase, elected officials will receive a $1000 a year increase, commissioners a $330 increase and the prosecuting attorney a $2000 increase. Collector Rod O’Connor reported that all funds in the county are in good shape. The raises in 2024 will total $9900.

Discussion then occurred if all county employees would get a cost of living increase next year. The final decision on this issue will occur in early 2024 when the County Commision finalizes the 2024 budget.