MY TURN by Bob Jackson


I may not have lost all my marbles but there is a small hole in the bag somewhere.

Life will change without our permission. It is Our Attitude that will Determine the Ride.

Start the Camp Putting Up the Tent Building the Fire Before You Start Drinking.

They Say Don’t Try This at Home, Okay So I Am Coming Over To Your House To Try It.

Going Through My Closest and Told My Wife I Can Still Fit into This It Is 20 years Old

She Replied Yes, IT Is Your Tie.

Congrats To Eric Rhea former Greenfield man whose father was the late Ron Rhea [ GHS Football Coach and Principal]

and Mother Mary Ann Rhea Joplin who was named CEO of Corsicana Mattress Company in Texas. 11 Factories Nationwide. Eric retired from Leggett & Platt in Carthage. He has a BS and master’s degree from MSU.


You Can’t Leave Those Who Created the Problem in Charge Of The Solution.

The boss asked us to Write Down two things we liked most about our job. Apparently, Lunch Time and Quitting Time Are Not the Right Answers

Have Had Questions from Folks on Voting on Amendments on November 8, 2022, Ballot. My Thoughts Are:

ADM 1 State Treasurer Invest State Money in Higher Yield Investments YES VOTE.

ADM 3 Recreational Marijuana Doesn’t Belong in State Constitution Won’t Bring Money to Law enforcement and Veterans opposed By Both Republican and Democrat State Leaders, Mo Sheriffs Assoc Missouri Baptist Convention, and other Statewide Groups NO VOTE

ADM 4 Protects Funding of Kansas City Mo Police Dept. KC Mayor wants to Defund Police in Kansas City VOTE YES

ADM 5 Creates Mo Dept of National Guard Mo Now under Dept Public Safety VOTE YES

Constitutional Convention to Be Held on Ballot Every 20 Years Has Been Rejected in Past No Need For This Convention VOTE NO

An older man who had Schottist Blood and his wife walked by a new restaurant. She said Did You smell that food? It Smells Great. Being A Kindhearted Husband He Though. I Will Treat Her, So They Walked Past It Again!

I never understood why it is Greed to Keep The Money You Have Earned But Not Greed To Take Somebody Else’s Money Thomas Sowell

Pros Of Wearing All Black I Look Great Cons of Wearing All Black Everyone Knows I Had powered Donuts.

Boatman’s Mate Chief Mike Foster Lockwood honored at LHS Football Game

Kens Kafe Opens in Arcola

Old Fashioned Pie supper In Everton

Lockwood Methodist Church Holds Annual Harvest Day Event

Charlie Killinsworth 95 Of Greenfield Honored for His Service in US Air Force in World War Two.

Lamplighters Honor Veterans, Widows at Dadeville Baptist Church.

Missouri Dept Of Transportation Files Injunction against Illegal Junk Yard on Highways 39 & 160 Dade County.