Backroads of So Greenfield by Carmen Hargis Baker

by Carmen Hargis Baker

Birthdays: November 3rd-Christine Hembree, Robin Shorter, Hannah Forgey, Jedidiah

Spain 1, Lila Hurley 8, Brayden Hacker 17 & John Shewmon 31, 4th-Lori Stack,

Jennifer Cunningham, Walker Roe 1, Maesyn Gulick 2, Jason Forgey 10, Dylan Stone

31 & Phil Marlowe 69, 5th-Brenda Kemp, Raleigh Kahre S, Unah Robertson 14 &

DeAnn Miller 67, 6th-Sherry Young, Claude Volkman, Deborah Clark, twins-Roman

& Renley Coose 11 and Allan VanHooser big 80. 7th-Rance Ogden S. Jeremy Schmidt

16. Grace Miller 23, Mary McLemore 52 & Lucille Franklin 98 still going strong. 8th-

Trey Daniel, Stacey Scribner, Henry McDowell 9, McCord Deken 19, Alan Olson 59

& Hollywood Holland 89, 9th-Draven Stapp 24, Seth Hargis 30, Jeremy McElroy 41,

Mike Terhune 68, George Southern 75 & Jim LaSalle 76. Wishing you all a wonderful


Anniversaries: November 3rd-Mason & Fable Painter 10 yrs., 4th-Stephen & Tessa

Yocom 16 and Fred & Kim Shaw 33 yrs., 8th-Jarrod & Robyn O'Connor 18 yrs. and

Brian & Lacey Ruzicka 2 yrs. 9th-Rick & Carmen Baker 32 yrs., Ronnie & Jean Dinges

32 yrs., Elijah & Taylor Lasater 3 yrs. and Vince & Rhiannan Robison 11 yrs. Wishing you many more.

In Memory: Austin Wright 11-3-1992. Martha Steeley 11-3-1971. Ken Russell 11-3-

2020. Edna Allred 11-3-2020. CW McGuire 11-4-2020. Carey Gloodt 11-5-2012,

Tracy Hargis 11-5-2018, Wanda Spain 11-6-2005. Scott Burk 11-6-1997. Auston

Lewis 11-6-2017, Zeta Friend 11-7-2009. Elmer Comelins 11-7-2009. Frankie Baker

11-8-2000. Etha Marler 11-8-2009, Dorothy Pendergrass 11-8-2017, Max Orr 11-8-

2015 and Heather McGuire 11-9-2014. Gone but never forgotten.

Happy Halloween to all my readers!

Congratulations to newlyweds: Josh Willis and Monica Caruthers who tied the knot on

October 22. 2022.

Also, Cauch Boggs wed Hailey Pittman in a beautiful wedding on October 29. 2022.

Hailey volunteers sometimes at Miller with me, she was a beautiful bride.

Last Sunday and this past Saturday Donald Gillen and Leah Riley & family went to Fort

Leonard Wood and visited with grandson Rylan. They had a great visit and are taking

advantage of him being close to home before being deployed.

What a great rain we got last week, over 3 inches at our house and it was much needed.

Put some water in the ponds for our farmers.

Was so sorry to get word that Linda "Wilkins" East Getty, 73 was killed in an

automobile accident near Carthage Saturday morning. She had just stopped in the store

to visit last week. She leaves behind her children, Mike East & Cathy Derrick,

grandchildren and one brother Bobby Wilkins. Linda was a 1967 GHS graduate.

Also saw where Fernita Cook, 95 passed away in Independence MO. A memorial

service will be held at a later date.

Was happy to see the Greenfield Grade School do the Halloween parade around the

square on Friday. I remember when my kids use to love doing that and then it stopped

for a while. Glad to see this tradition come back.

The Dade County Senior Center wants to thank the Pleasant Hill Church for sponsoring

a week of meals.

Saturday Mom, Tassy & I dressed up as hippies to hand out treats at the store during the

Octoberfest. We had such a good time in our costumes. Rita Needham stopped by for a

short visit that day. Looked like they had a good turnout for it despite the rainy weather.

Sunday a small gathering of family & friends met at the Daughtery Cemetery for a

memorial for Janie Myers. It was so good to see Rick, Sandy & Kristi Frieze. They are

getting ready to go down south to Texas for the winter months. Sandy says her bones

and joints don't hurt near as much when they are down there, so she is looking forward to

getting there. Also, Kristi is going down with them for a 9-day vacation. Maybe I could

sneak into her suitcase.

Mom and I stopped by the celebration for Ardella Lack last week and it looked like she

had a nice crowd show up. She has been a great nurse to so many people.

Hope everyone has a safe & fun night trick or treating Monday night.

Looks like the weather this week is going to be nice, so we better enjoy it while it lasts.

Don't forget to set your clocks back Saturday night for that extra hour of sleep.