Antioch Pilgrim News Week by Leisa Jones

by Leisa Jones

ending Oct. 28.

On Saturday night we celebrated the Bowles Boys combined birthday party. A bounce house was set up and with all the wind blowing that made it that much more fun. The children had a blast. We enjoyed supper together. Those enjoying the evening were: Hostess Asa and Kelbey Bowles, Kim and Lesia Jones, Jacob and Abby Jones, Paisley and Cutler, Melinda Jones, Wade and Chloe, Steven Terry, Joe and Michelle Brown and family, Jonny Gray, Lisa and family, Kerstin Allison and boys, Derrick and Stephanie Hurt and family. Hope I didn't forget anyone. It was a great evening. Abby and family left the party a little early to go to Willard as her sister was having a haunted trail for the children and all Abby’s family was there.

Sorry we had to miss the wedding of Stormy Baker & Chelsea wedding. I know there were several there to help celebrate the happy occasion.

On Friday football, it was a great evening and a beautiful evening. The weather was so nice, and the boys won. They were in great spirits, I thought it was over, NO districts. Got a game at home on the 28 and if they win another one the next Friday night at Archie Mo. Pray, they win, but I will miss that one as that is the Greenfield Carnival and I have taken off the day to help Kelbey get things set up. I remember those days many moons ago at Everton.

Deepest sympathy to the families of Fonda McMillen of Walnut Grove. Her son is our dentist. Lanle Myers families, Lavonda Seybert and David Darst. Know that so many prayers are being said on your behalf.

I got a call the other day and wanted me to do a survey. I was asked what sex you were born?? And what is your gender today. Am 1 married to a man or a woman. Be ready as I am sure there will be more of you to get this call.

Worked around house and finish with siding. It is done. Kim arid Asa helped Jacob sat. am to get laid out for his new workshop/garage building.

I have seen so many accidents and almost been involved in 2 at the round abouts at Willard. Saw wreck last night. People need to wake up and drive. I hate those stupid things.

Lucille Franklin and Betty Vandegrift ventured out a couple times this past week. They don't keep the roads hot like they used to. Miss those days. Mom was not feeling so good on Thursday, and we figured it was after she had her Covid booster. Her children keep checking on her. The Greenfield Grade School Carnival is going full speed ahead. Lots of work going on behind the scenes.

Mark your calendar for Friday, November 4. Grade school kitchen opens at S:30 with walking taco being sold along with a lot of other stuff. The Carnival games will be from 6-8. The coronation and raffle will follow. The raffle tickets will go on sale October 18. The big item is a gun donated in memory of Dustin Jones. There are a lot of other donations from Branson, Springfield, and local businesses. Plan to attend and support the school. This is hosted by the Greenfield PTSO, and all goes back to the school. I understand there has not been one since the 90's. They are needing more people to step up to help work. Remember it takes a village to raise our children Sister-in-law Damaris Jones is recovering very well after her stay in the hospital and having some dental issues when the dentist forgot to give her medication for her infection before she could see the oral surgeon. What à mess she got into.

Kim Jones and Doyle Daniel went hunting on Thursday night. You would think they would get enough of each other after working together all day. Ha!! This takes me back to the days that these two used to hunt together all the time before we had children. Doyle was the most avid hunter. He never missed a night, hunted all night, and got up and went to work and did it all over again. Hunting was just like his second job.

Kim is still enjoying all the tomatoes he picked before the frost and the green ones are riping and I have shared several with my co-workers.

To My friends that are battling Cancer. Just know you are always on our mind and prayers are sent your way more times than you can believe. When you are down and not feeling so great. Just remember, someone is praying for you at that moment. Kim Jones helped Melinda Jones work cattle on Thursday, along with several others.

We are excited that the children at Main Street will be putting on a special Christmas program under the direction of Mindy Lollar, Kelbey Bowles and Kelley Johnson among others to help.

It is getting that time of year to fill the Christmas boxes. They let the children do a lot of the packing and they really get into that.

I have been training my new Lisa to take over the phone and some things have changed and one of the girls decided not to take the different job, Which I am happy for, but that means the one I have been training is going to take that spot, so now I am training another one of the girls to take over the phones.

So, l thought I would get to go back to my job this week and now it will be another 2-3 weeks. BUT that is OK because I will have a full crew and I believe these will stay for a while. At least until I retire. Fingers crossed

Where does the family start? It starts with a young MAN falling in love with a young Woman. No superior alternative has vet been found: Read the bible.

Have a blessed week.