COVID-19 Booster For Immunocompromised Available At DCHD

August 24, 2021

From Pamela Cramer, Administrator

Dade County Health Dept.

Missouri has authorized a third dose for Pfizer and Moderna recipients with select immunocompromised conditions.  A simplified explanation of the qualifying conditions are as follows:

Patients who are receiving treatment for cancer tumors or blood cancer.

Patients who received an organ transplant and are taking medications that suppress the immune system.

Patients who received a stem cell transplant within two years and are taking medications that suppress the immune system.

Those with moderate or severe primary immunodeficiency.

Those with advanced or untreated HIV infection.

Patients who are receiving treatment with high-dose corticosteroids or other drugs that suppress the immune system.

Here are some important details:

The third dose is for immunocompromised patients that previously received Pfizer or Moderna and does not apply to those that received a Janssen (J&J) dose previously.

If someone is wanting a Pfizer or Moderna vaccination and have previously had a J&J, they will not be given a dose.

There is currently no additional dose approved for immunocompromised patients that have received a J&J vaccine previously and the new 3rd dose guidance does not apply to them at this time.

An immunocompromised individual should not receive more than 3 mRNA vaccines at this time.

If the qualifying patient is unsure what mRNA vaccine they received previously (Moderna or Pfizer), then either Pfizer or Moderna may be administered.

All patients requesting a 3rd dose of Pfizer or Moderna must fill out the consent form and the attestation form.

Patients getting a 1st or 2nd dose do not need to fill out an attestation.

They must also indicate on the consent form their dose history where indicated.

Qualifying immunocompromised patients are authorized to receive a 3rd dose 28 days or more after receiving their previous dose.

If a patient is unsure if they meet the qualifying conditions they should consult a physician.