Dade County COVID-19 Cases Remain Low Compared to Neighbors

by James McNary, Articles Editor

Though cases of COVID-19 in surrounding counties have recently surged to levels not seen in several months, the number of cases in Dade County have remained low, while a significant number of county residents have been vaccinated against the Coronavirus-caused disease, and more are getting the vaccine every week.

“Dade County is doing very well, and more people are getting out to get vaccinated,” said Pamela Cramer, administrator of the Dade County Health Department.

At the end of last week, Dade County had fewer than 20 active cases, with a number due to be confirmed recovered as a handful of new cases awaited confirmation. Cramer said that the DCHD is seeing about 40-50 people come in to get vaccinated each Monday, the day of the week the facility has continued to offer the various vaccines available.

“I feel that, for the most part, our people are trying to do what’s right,” said Cramer. “Some of our neighbors [i.e. counties] are certainly struggling, but Dade is still within the top of counties in the region getting folks vaccinated.”

Cramer said that it is important to take seriously the threat posed by the various emerging strains of the virus that causes COVID-19, including the much mentioned Delta variant, even as “pandemic fatigue” is wanting to take hold.

“The alternative is just so much worse,” said Cramer. “I hope people will continue to want to get vaccinated, but it is still a personal choice.”

In Dade County, the most recent data showed that 49-57 percent of the population was vaccinated against COVID-19 about 30 days ago, with an estimate that 10 percent of the population would decline to get the vaccine regardless of the risks.