Support for Greenfield R-4 School Levy

March 23, 2021

Dear Editor,

The Greenfield Area Chamber of Commerce would like to show our support for the 2021 Greenfield R-4 School Levy. On April 6th the Greenfield School District will be voting on the first Operating Levy increase in over 25 yrs. As we all know for a Community to remain vital and to grow it must have a quality School District.

This will ensure that each Child has access to:

-Reasonable class sizes

-Challenging learning environments

-Excellent Teachers

-Up to date textbooks

-Up to date Student and Faculty Instructional Technology

-It will provide Competitive staff salaries and benefits to keep and attract talented Educators.

-By strengthening our School District it will help to keep and attract Businesses and Residents to our Community.

This is a wise investment in Greenfield’s future.

Thank you,

Kim Rhodes

GACC President