COVID-19 Lingers Past Election, Through Holiday

by James McNary, Articles Editor

Reporting of updated COVID-19 numbers may be a bit slowed due to the Thanksgiving holiday, and public health officials across the region are hoping that traditional family gatherings over the break don’t lead to a spike in cases over the next 14 days.

As of Nov. 26, Dade County reports 26 deaths from COVID-19 since the outbreak began, with 24 active cases. There have been 408 positive tests in Dade County, with 357 individuals considered to have recovered.

Lawrence County has had 45 deaths confirmed from COVID-19 as of Nov. 25, with 105 postive-testing individuals in isolation on that date. That count has had 1,938 confirmed positive tests with 1,788 individuals being released from isolation.

There have been 29 deaths confirmed in Polk County from COVID-19, as of Nov. 25, with 165 cases active out of 1,777 total confirmed positives.

Cedar County reported 18 new cases of COVID-19 over Nov. 24-25, bringing total positives in that county to 590. There are 41 cases currently active, with a large cluster in El Dorado Springs, and a total of 9 deaths confirmed in the county so far.

Barton County’s COVID-19 numbers from Nov. 18 show 482 total positives, with 50 active cases and 432 individuals considered recovered.

Greene County, including Springfield, added 359 new cases of COVID-19 to its tally over Nov. 25-26, bringing the total there to 14,665 confirmed cases, with 93 county residents hospitalized out of a total of 198 individuals hospitalized at facilities in the county. As of Nov. 27 there have been 196 deaths in Greene County confirmed to have been caused by COVID-19, with five being added to the total on that day alone.

Excluding Joplin, Jasper County has had 75 confirmed deaths from COVID-19 as of Nov. 29. There have been 5,479 confirmed positive cases, with 274 considered active and 5,130 reported recovered.